Hey there 2017,welcome :)

Hello hello all, first things first, Wishing all my WordPress family a very ''happy new year 2017''. May you all have a kickass, fun filled and lovely year ahead nurtured with loads of love, travel, adventures and new possibilities. 2016 for me hasn't been the best of years.But yes it made me tough mentally.Here are … Continue reading Hey there 2017,welcome đź™‚


Let’s know each other #3

She is an Angel !! A beautiful blogger with a heart of gold..Thankyou Sash .Wish u a very merry christmas and a great new year ahead

Sasha's Writings

Hello people! This is the last month of this year and i have met wonderful people through this blogging journey!So i thought of introducing the amazing people to each other!Wondering how?Here you go everyday from today I’ll mention some 5 or 6amazing blogswhom i follow and i will post the links like this till the end of this monthi.e 31/12/2016!you can click on each other’s link and introduce yourself to others.By the end of the month when i finish this, we all get to know each other and we will have many friends here.Let us welcome this new year with great fun!

One can mention in the comments if you like some of the blogs in this list and also you can even reblog this to spread the word!!If you like some of the blogs which are not in this list,its okay ,no problem just leave…

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Black bag!

It’s high time to break the stereotype and come of of our comfort zone .This article draws attention towards the most basic problem in Idea.. After all Its just a sanitary napkin and not bomb. No need to feel ashamed of it..#Respectourbody

Sasha's Writings

I really don’t know how many women will like this post and some might judge me even,but i don’t give a f**k!.So today i went to a general grocery shop which is not so big , but enough to buy groceries,so i asked the shopkeeper forsanitary napkins(which means pads in general use). A middle aged woman who was standing beside me felt shy and started to seeing away as if she is unaware if the menstrual cycle and period!I gave an irritated and dirty look to her.So this shopkeeper wrapped the packet in the newspaper and said “there is no black colour carry bag,is it okay if i give in transparent carry bag”. I was little bit irritated and surprised by his question and said “Bhayya!there is nothing to hide it,it is the same way as the men use shaving cream ,we use sanitary napkins, everyone are aware of…

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