Let’s spread smiles this diwali :)

Hi guys.My favorite time of the year has just arrived.:):)😁

In India festival doesn’t last for a day.It last for weeks 😁.Diwali preparations start almost a a week ahead and the charm and festivity lasts untill a week ahead. :)🌸🌸

I wish you all a very Happy Dhanteras and a very happy diwali well in advance.☺😇
For me diwali means gaining extra 2kgs ( all cause n effect of sweets and bites I get at home).Buying new clothes and starting something very significant for me ahead.I am not a “cracker” person ,as I feel firing crackers or burning down notes(rupee) is one and the same thing.Aren’t they equivalent.Eventually it is money which is burning after all .😂

Every diwali I wish to contribute something to the people who cannot afford fancy clothing and things on diwali in some way or the other.

I prefer buying handmade earthen diyas from roadside rather than shop.

This year I and my mom bought so many decorative pieces from a roadside vendor.I have shared the pictures below.Just like everyone we too did land on a fancy shop aiming to buy some fancies for our home ,but instead maa saw a man selling vases and statues roadside.We dropped our plan of going to the shop, turned left when went towards the roadside vendor.

I got this beautiful wind chime for merely 150 rupees.I mean Cadbury dairy milk silk is costlier than this ya. :)🌸And these beautiful handmade show pieces for 100 rupees each.We also bought a vase too but have to buy flowers for it yet.

wp-image-1447815569jpg.jpegThey are my absolute favourites 🙂


Beauty made with painted earthen diyas

I remember the smile on the man’s face.Looking at him made me elated too.Make someone smile this diwali:)folks.:):)🌸🌸


Decorated temple @home 🙂

Decorating our homes with gorgeous LED light is a mandatory in India.:)😁Small towns haven’t still lost this charm where people live in colonies .Yes we have single or double storey houses at maximum in hilly areas.:)

Even if you do not celebrate this festival ,please do this year but in your own way.Help somebody in anyway you like.Make someone smile.Take blessing from your elders and spread love and peace around your circle.

Spread smiles and love

Happy diwali:)

MinonHead(Head of a minion with brain of a human)



This is yummy and finger licking 🙂

Ruchi's Veg Kitchen


Cheese chilli toast is one of the easiest starter/snack to attract family and crowd. A perfectly crispy from outside  and Soft from inside… full of cheese and vegetables. A quick and easy method to prepare which never fails.

There are hundreds of method to make this delicious and cheesy Chilli Cheese Toast. Here I will explain how to make on Tava, which is the easiest one I found. Not much Ingredients require , not much pre preparation needed.

For me Chilli Cheese ,is very useful and quick idea for an unnoticed guest.  It’s a crowd pleasure.


  • Bread Slices
  • Butter (I used Amul )
  • grated Cheese (I used Amul Processed Cheese)
  • Finely chopped Capsicum
  • Chaat Masala
  • Pepper Powder
  • Finely chopped Green chillies
  • Oregano

I have not given the measurement of any ingredients as its fully depends on taste.


Place aBread slice oSprean Tava, allow it to keep there for…

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On the days when you don’t feel like cooking…

This is awesome.for all those who who never feel like cooking at all 😀😁

Crazy Talks....

… you have permission to use my recipe, am gonna share with you.And thank me (profusely) later , which am sure you would (profusely).

Because not only am sharing a quick easy peasy recipe , am giving wings to ideas , one where you will find yourself spending less time in the kitchen and more time doing whatever shit you wanna do outside kitchen,without compromising on taste. Yes. This recipe is awesome!

Now , continue , without any more delays , Here it is

Drum rolls !

Cooking time , 20 minutes.

Actual cooking time , in the kitchen – 5 minutes.

  1. Get a packet of noodles and a packet of soup. Any soup , any noodle. I have these two in my storage. Veg Hakka Noodles and Chicken Delite Knorr Soup. 20160821_194834

  1. Find a deep pot , Boil water as per instructions on noodle packet. I didn’t wait long enough and added tomato , pea…

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Meera and Chaitanya (The beginning)

Hi guys, I am starting a new blog series with the above mentioned name.It is partly fiction and partly based on real life.

Meera and Chaitanya-A tale of love, friendship and everything in between

Hope you’ll enjoy reading it. A beautiful tale of friendship-love -fight -friendship-love.To be more precise it is a loop where the two young people cannot tolerate each other while at the same time cannot live without each other.Here is a bit of a sneak peak of the story line.I want you to meet my two little protagonists:)

Mira was 10,Chaitanya (Chai) was 9  when they first met in school.On her first day in her new school ,she was made to sit next to the boy.They had nothing in common then.While Mira was shy ,sophisticated,skinny,maudlin,beautiful button eyed ,skinny,Chaitanya on the contrary was talkative,gregarious, notorious,chubby and partially cute(he never liked being addressed as cute).

She never really liked him much as he broke her pencil the very first day. He didn’t find her interesting as she didn’t know how to play thumb & pen fight.Little did they realised that it is just a beginning to a very deep friendship.

Afterall friendship is all about accepting one another with all their flaws and shortcomings .

Stay tuned for the upcoming posts.


Photo has been taken from –www.mystudycorner.net

My first post

What probably should your first post be about??

MinionHead but I hardly resemble this one

I had been thinking since a long time stepping into the world of blogging, but never literally had something to write about.Most of the people I find usually end up writing about being happy, spreading happiness, being positive or being a wanderlust.To be more precise, they tend to write down philosophy directly or indirectly.

But I literally have a blank mind while 

1)Making my WordPress site, and so is the case right now as I jot down my first post, sitting ideally in a computer shop, and getting my laptop formatted.Yes I use an android app of WordPress(was way too lazy accessing it with my lap)

2)What should I write about? 

Isn’t technology a great thing guys? Yes yes for a lazy bee like me it is a boon, who depend on their phone even for little things.Be it remainders, video calls, free calls, games, puzzles, news, educational apps(the one that tends to teach you a new language, makes your grammar better or help you learn to code)Even WordPress.Ohh I love my android.Probably after my family though..Tech slaves we all are or are becoming

A typical girl born in 90’s says her heart out here.