The force that drives

Have you ever wondered that there is some force that drives you?Because I definitely believe in.There are so many things around us that drives us every single day .Have you ever heard the chirping of birds at dawn ,the cacophony of frogs at dusk,it sounds so amazing to me.It is more like meditation to me.It’s not that I derive my inspiration from   a frog or something(no offense to frog lovers :D) but these tiny little things in life make a huge difference.There are times when I stumble and fall down,feel like giving up things, it is then that I draw my inspiration from these small small things in life.There are times when things don’t go according to our will and choices and we feel apprehensive about our decisions ,felling let down & deeply regretting them.

Lately I have realized how easy it is to get up again ,feel wonderful and content no matter what the situation is.I had always been a cry baby until I met someone who told me how simple and unpretentious things can be.

Just a simple let go of things and there you go.All set and ready to rock and shine.

I hope there are things that help you sail through tough times.For me they are my family and friends.So a big thank you and a big hug from my side to all the ones I love.Blogging is I find the best way to express my love and gratitude to all of them.Hope my mom reads this blog someday without even realizing that her girl is all grown up and mature.

PS:More to come on the “SOMEBODY”  I have  mentioned earlier.Oh I feel like some biographer right now.