100% hand made card 

Yesterday I was going through all the gifts and cards that I have received this year.No, could.I  don’t get fancy presents on regular basis.I could.Well, who doesn’t Haha!! But yes since this year is about to end I wanted to take a sneak peek into the past and have a look at them.

One such gift (card to be precise)caught my attention was this beautiful card gifted to me on my bday this year by my didi many many months back.

Here in India usually we don’t refer our elder siblings/cousins/neighbours with their first names.This is taught in almost all the Indian households since a child is born literally.Many little siblings do not care to listen hence address one another with their first names or all sorts of stupid names on earth and then there are siblings like me who follow their parent’s guidelines thoroughly and address them with didi/ bhaiya/Dada or whatever it is in their native language.

Moral of the story is ,I call my elder sister didi .I have taken her name at times but then this is how I usually prefer adressing her .Afterall years of training by my parents is not going to go in vain .

She made a beautiful card for me on my birthday this year.I love and I guess most of you love handmade stuff and things.I was totally mesmerised by this greeting at the first place and started jumping with joy.

Also, I was apparently very curious to know on how on earth did she manage to make this card in such a less time.I mean she usually reaches home after 8-9 pm daily but still managed to find time to make this for me and weekends aren’t an option as we are usually together on weekends.

100% handmade

Guys, please pardon my photography skills.I am not at all into photography and stuff though I am looking forward to learning it soon.

For that, I have to buy a DSLR which clearly implies I need to save money which is a distant dream as of now.So obviously by writing this post I am clearly intending to convince the heck out of my sister to lend me some money in the form of a loan (which I am never going to repay literally ) for the camera.

Once I tried to talk to her about the same while we were sitting at home one lazy weekend and out of nowhere, we started talking about cameras and photography.Using all sorts of sugar coated words and a smile I asked her to lend me some money for a camera to which her reaction was something that I somehow never tried to talk about it.Hahaha .She acted completely broke and into debt as if she and her roommates haven’t paid their house rent since ages and it is me who needs to loan her money for bread.And eventually, I ended up asking her if she is okay and fine?

The truth is these elder siblings are a way to cunning and smart than us(more on the torture story later on).

Full view of the card minus the background

But whatever it is, mind.I know she is the most protective and chilling elder sibling I could have prayed to god.We all have this idealistic image of an elder sibling in our subconscious mind.Many years back when I was a kid, I used to imagine what would it feel like 10-15 years from now.How my sister will turn out to be.Will she be cool enough or rather a possessive bossy one? Luckily she exactly turned out to be exactly like I had imagined all those years back.

Google baba is where she gets all these fancy ideas from

PS I love u !!.Siblings are the best gifts our parents can give us indeed.




A pair of socks

Hello Hello

I have been off lately due to my hectic schedule and lots of commitments but then this is something I couldn’t resist writing about.

Confused between what to wear in the first place.So I guess this is better 

Okay so as it happened I got a chance to meet one of my very old buddy(obviously very near and dear to me )today.We went to a nearby coffee shop (obviously to have coffee ).
I get awestruck & amused whenever I see people ordering masala tea/ green tea/lemon tea in coffee outlets ..Haha.All I can do is giggle about it.It’s their choice.But the whole concept amuses me.😂

I am not a coffee addict, to be honest during winters as I have got this obsession for cold coffee with ice-cream over hot coffee.And people like me who catch a cold easily have to avoid the former one and adapt the latter.

So a bit of caffeine once in a fortnight is fine with me.Winters here in mountains are very chilly.So people like me have to think twice before gulping some ice cubes and ice cream.

I prefer tea over hot coffee but of course not in some coffee shop.The whole idea seems so lame to me.

So  I ordered my usual cappuccino and buddy ordered his favourite choco frappé.Meanwhile, we were giggling and fighting over our usual lame stuff that happened all these months.After all, we met after 3-4 months.Of course, I was busy cracking  “bad PJs” and he was busy making my fun as ever.

While we were busy drinking our coffees adamant to share them with one another his Einstein brain (pun intended) recalled that he got something for me.

GIFT omg I had a sparkle in my eyes.I love getting gifts.I mean who doesn’t.

So there was my gift .Of course not wrapped ,but then packed in a plastic wrap with vibrant colors .And as he handed it to me I somehow couldn’t resist smiling .He handed me a pair of socks and said ,”This will be a major help to sail through winters,I know you catch cold easily”.

I could resist smiling and literally felt speechless at that moment. This was the cutest gesture by him and the nest gift ever this Christmas.Glad he know how much I hate winters and got me something keeping it in mind.

Yes, I’m not a winter person and the whole concept of thandii(cold) brings a chill down my spine.

There is something about childhood friends I guess that nothing can erase.Even if we might not get  chance of talking to them daily for  hours ,things are just the same and crazy whenever you meet them.

Let me know about your childhood friends.I would love to hear your stories ..Mark my words when I say I would love to hear since not only I am a good talker, I am an excellent listener (or at least I am delusional by the fact that  I am).Haha, I am Hippocratic at times.Ought to give every sort of explanation.



Meera and Chaitanya #1

                                                   ********        Friends ?     **** **
Meera made new friends in her new school, tried to cope up with the syllabus and eventually everything seemed easy.She had started liking her new school, liked by all her new friends and teachers but amidst all this, she could never develop a bond of friendship with Chaitanya even though they shared the same bench.She found him awful, for she was an ideal little girl trying to come out of her shell unlike him who was gregarious.He made fun of her at times as she didn’t know how to play video games and boxing.She was quiet all the time whenever sitting next to him while he had to talk to his neighbours and have his laugh.

Enter a caption

Time went by, they were no longer seat partners and it hardly bothered either of them.They had their own friends & activities to perform.So the friendship didn’t bloom, rather a sense of competition prevailed as he stood first and she stood second in the annual tests.She had already pledged for compensating her rank this year.

There is this Rank (first second third fourth and so on)syndrome which is infused in our minds when we are little .Our parents teach us that marks matter the most but little do they realize that they actually don’t .What matters is knowledge.

Eventually,  Meera had completed a year in school.She was happy & actively participated in dancing, sports & other extracurricular activities.

She was 11, he was 10 and a new class new adventures awaited for both Meera and Chaitanya.Call it destiny or fate (read class teacher)but it made them seat partners again.She neither really liked nor hated him.On the contrary, he found her cute but awful at the same time ( a rare combination ).

They started talking gradually, exchanging notebooks when one of them was absent from school.He lends her a pencil when she forgot to bring her pencil box.She shared her textbook once he forgot to bring his.Silly boy, she thought.

She is nice, he thought.

But it was this one day that the friendship bloomed.The day marking the beginning of a beautiful story.

Meera like every day reached school earlier than Chaitanya, carelessly threw her bag on the bench and ran out to play her favourite game 4 corners in the basketball court with her friends.

4 corners

When they returned back to the class after a while, she immediately grabbed her water bottle to quench her thirst.It was then she realised that she didn’t put on her  Identity card today.Oh Forgetting ID card felt like a crime to her.It literally meant severe punishment.She vicariously imagined how the students who forget to bring their ID’s are made to stand out of the queue in the morning prayer assembly followed by a punishment.

No it wasn’t the punishment she bothered .It was the embarrassment she has to undergo standing in a separate queue.She felt like a laughing stock already.

No Making mistakes was never Meera’s forte precisely. For her it was a blunder ,her biggest mistake or was it her best mistake.

She was sitting on her bench when the bell rang suddenly.Her classmates started moving out of the classroom for assembly.

With tears in her eyes, he looked at Chaitanya and said,”I forgot to bring my ID card”.

It was the second time they exchanged glances, first being the one when they first met a year back.He looked at her with an awe and did something which he didn’t know was just the beginning.Yes, their beginning together.

He removed her identity card and handed it over to her and said ,”You can keep this till the assembly but make sure nobody notices the name in the ID “Photo is the least concern because you already look like a boy yourself.” 

She had no idea how to react .Borrow an  ID of somebody who just addressed her a boy or stand out facing punishment.She was sure that she will be a laughing stock in front of him and his friends .

But she knew what she had to do.She smiled wiping away her tears.Wearing his ID.Meera Sharma was Chaitanya Jain for the next 20 mins(technically).

He giggled looking at her, Meera wondered what he is up to and both went out of the classroom joining their queue.

To be continued……

Read part 1 in case you missed  🙂

IMG source: www.recallgames.com