TV Series I watched in 2016

I wanted to write this post for a long time and finally, as I sit lazily on my couch with my laptop on my lap doing something I love the most, writing down all sorts of crap on earth. But what I am about to write is totally worth it. Not only me but most of you out there will surely relate to me on this.

Before I write let me tell you beforehand and I was never into any English TV series in college. The only one I followed was Arrow. Somehow living in a girls hostel I was always surrounded by the sounds of all sorts of TV shows played on laptops. While GOT music could be heard from the room next to me clearly some song from FRIENDS could be heard from the other. Basically, noises of all sorts of different shows could be heard. Amidst this, I could never push myself to even try to watch these shows. I clearly remember I once tried watching “How I met your mother” and I got bored haha. So then I never tried until I started working.

So here is my list of most favourite and so on along with a small story behind the show


This one no matter what, will always remain my favourite and I absolutely love Barry Allen. Nobody suggested me to follow this series. Rather, once I was just browsing IMDB looking for upcoming episodes of the Arrow when I saw this at the bottom left corner along with a few other shows. How instantly it caught my attention. Since then to now nothing has changed. My love for the show remains intact. Currently, the season in running in its the third season and I am so looking forward to the upcoming episodes.                flash

2.Game of Thrones

No surprises in this one. More than 50 people have suggested me the show, few of them even forced me into watching the show. My sister literally used to nag every second-day about the same, but to no avail. The show had completed five seasons already when one day after work my roommate and I were discussing Big boss when all of a sudden she started discussing GOT to which I had a blank reply: D. Without a delay, I told her I haven’t seen the show and she was awestruck. I felt like a petty criminal at that point.

It was then that I took her advice and started following the show and covered the five seasons within a week. It was so addictive and next year I’m looking forward to buying a complete box set of the same. Daenerys Targaryen is my favourite character followed by Arya Stark.  


I solely followed this show right from day one because of Priyanka Chopra and loved the first season totally. Though the series is a bit over exaggerated, but somehow the twists and turns always catch my attention and I never miss an episode. The show completely runs in its second season.                                  quantico

4.Legends of tomorrow

Since I love flash and arrow and almost every superhero this definitely had to catch my attention. Time travels, superpowers, spaceships, future had always fascinated me so without a doubt I love this series too. It is a spun off from Arrow and a bit of flash so one need to watch the arrow (specifically) for a better understanding of the characters and the show on the whole.               the-legends-of-tomorrow

5.Justice League

I have finished all the 5 seasons of Justice League somehow this year. Since it was an animated series I had grown up watching in Hindi, I somehow wished to watch it all over again in Hindi but somehow got all the episodes in Hindi. Even though the episodes aren’t relatable I suffer from STICK TO THE SEQUENCE SYNDROME (while watching a show only ) so I followed it episode wise sequentially.Watched it while travelling locally waiting around and loves every bit of it.

Also with the coming year, I am looking forward to watching Stranger things, supergirl, Homeland and The SIMPSONS.

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Have a great year ahead.



4 thoughts on “TV Series I watched in 2016

  1. All the above mentioned series are awesome and mind blowing ! If you have time,check “the vampire diaries” series…they are great.I would like to nominate you for the “versatile blogger award”.You can either choose to participate or not participate among the nominations,but I hope you do !

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