Cheers to the coming year-2018

Hello Lovelies,

First things first. Happy New year 2018.

Writing after exactly a year & as I type more I am realizing how much I have missed this in the past year . My typing speed is fucked up &  it feels so so so amazing as I sit at my desk jotting down my feelings. I have so much to share & so much to listen from you guys. 🙂

2017 has been an amazing year for me, I hope the same for you guys :).

Wishing you all an amazing year ahead full of peace, prosperity & love. I resolute to write more often & be more active in this space this year , share all my travel diaries, tell you what have I been doing all this while . So so so much. Complete 20+ posts saved currently in my draft & finish my Meera & Chaitanya series ASAP.

Lots of love & best wishes to you all.

Also sharing below my Instagram link here. Let’s connect so that I won’t lose any one of you anymore 🙂 Need a bid of modification in the website as it looks mundane :P. Need some color in it just like life.


Peace & love


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