Dear Reader,

Thank you for bumping at my space 🙂

 I’m 20 something engineer by profession but a full flash reader by heart currently residing in Pune, India. Okay so just like every other girl/boy I believe in,”Eat like it’s your last day on earth and later pray that it won’t gain you any weight. Sigh !!”. I love to write anything and everything to my heart’s content but I am never satiated with reading and writing and that’s why I am here, to talk, talk a lot( read-write ). 

Sometimes little things take up a “room” in your heart(forgive me, biologists, I come from a maths background).I love writing but they were confined to my Shinchan covered fancy diaries or the free ones my dad used to get from his office till now.

Sometimes an ideal mind with technology creates magic. Isn’t it? So here I am letting my ideas flow freely to the world. Stay times for more posts and anecdotes. I am a bird that can’t be caged(I sound so philosophical 🙂

Thanks again for dropping by here.

Catch me up at “Keep smiling”  & instagram for my food journies more 🙂


21 thoughts on “MinionSays

  1. Interesting ‘About me’.
    You write pretty well. I have gone through just a couple posts and I like them already.

    I hope that you are still writing.

    Or dId I come too late to your blog?
    Because you haven’t updated in a long time.

    Anyhow, hope to see more of your posts.
    Happy Blogging. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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