Paint it black didi !! 

 I was just asking my cousin studying in 4th standard the other day whether she knows about this 500 and 1000 currency notes ban to which I received the most hilarious reply .The conversation follows : Me:Himoy do you know about this note ban thing sweetheart?   Himoy: Haan (yes) didi ,PM Modi  has banned all … Continue reading Paint it black didi !! 


Dear Miss 2000,welcome to the world(read India)

Dearest Miss 2000 Welcome to India to be precise. I hope you survive endless years from 13-Nov-2016 till infinity.Your old counterparts namely Mr 1000 and Mr 500 are no more alive.😐:'( They are living in peace somewhere in heaven,resting in banks,garbage bins even getting burnt at some places where they are in abundance proving that … Continue reading Dear Miss 2000,welcome to the world(read India)

5 Questions You Need To Answer To Rock Your Blog

I found it an amazing and must read for amateur blogger like me.. 🙂 😊😊☺

Elena Peters

Are you stressed from seeing all the ads and promotions for courses all over your social media feeds from “6 figure bloggers”? Is it just another kick in the gut to you that says, “What’s wrong with you? You can’t even get pageviews!” Maybe you have even taken some of the courses with less than stellar results. Well, fear not.

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