Meera and Chaitanya (The beginning)

Hi guys, I am starting a new blog series with the above mentioned name.It is partly fiction and partly based on real life.

Meera and Chaitanya-A tale of love, friendship and everything in between

Hope you’ll enjoy reading it. A beautiful tale of friendship-love -fight -friendship-love.To be more precise it is a loop where the two young people cannot tolerate each other while at the same time cannot live without each other.Here is a bit of a sneak peak of the story line.I want you to meet my two little protagonists:)

Mira was 10,Chaitanya (Chai) was 9  when they first met in school.On her first day in her new school ,she was made to sit next to the boy.They had nothing in common then.While Mira was shy ,sophisticated,skinny,maudlin,beautiful button eyed ,skinny,Chaitanya on the contrary was talkative,gregarious, notorious,chubby and partially cute(he never liked being addressed as cute).

She never really liked him much as he broke her pencil the very first day. He didn’t find her interesting as she didn’t know how to play thumb & pen fight.Little did they realised that it is just a beginning to a very deep friendship.

Afterall friendship is all about accepting one another with all their flaws and shortcomings .

Stay tuned for the upcoming posts.


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