A pair of socks

Hello Hello

I have been off lately due to my hectic schedule and lots of commitments but then this is something I couldn’t resist writing about.

Confused between what to wear in the first place.So I guess this is betterย 

Okay so as it happened I got a chance to meet one of my very old buddy(obviously very near and dear to me )today.We went to a nearby coffee shop (obviously to have coffee ).
I get awestruck & amused whenever I see people ordering masala tea/ green tea/lemon tea in coffee outlets ..Haha.All I can do is giggle about it.It’s their choice.But the whole concept amuses me.๐Ÿ˜‚

I am not a coffee addict, to be honest during winters as I have got this obsession for cold coffee with ice-cream over hot coffee.And people like me who catch a cold easily have to avoid the former one and adapt the latter.

So a bit of caffeine once in a fortnight is fine with me.Winters here in mountains are very chilly.So people like me have to think twice before gulping some ice cubes and ice cream.

I prefer tea over hot coffee but of course not in some coffee shop.The whole idea seems so lame to me.

So ย I ordered my usual cappuccino and buddy ordered his favourite choco frappรฉ.Meanwhile, we were giggling and fighting over our usual lame stuff that happened all these months.After all, we met after 3-4 months.Of course, I was busy cracking ย “bad PJs” and he was busy making my fun as ever.

While we were busy drinking our coffees adamant to share them with one another his Einstein brain (pun intended) recalled that he got something for me.

GIFT omg I had a sparkle in my eyes.I love getting gifts.I mean who doesn’t.

So there was my gift .Of course not wrapped ,but then packed in a plastic wrap with vibrant colors .And as he handed it to me I somehow couldn’t resist smiling .He handed me a pair of socks and said ,”This will be a major help to sail through winters,I know you catch cold easily”.

I could resist smiling and literally felt speechless at that moment. This was the cutest gesture by him and the nest gift ever this Christmas.Glad he know how much I hate winters and got me something keeping it in mind.

Yes, I’m not a winter person and the whole concept of thandii(cold) brings a chill down my spine.

There is something about childhood friends I guess that nothing can erase.Even if we might not get ย chance of talking to them daily for ย hours ,things are just the same and crazy whenever you meet them.

Let me know about your childhood friends.I would love to hear your stories ..Mark my words when I say I would love to hear since not only I am a good talker, I am an excellent listener (or at least I am delusional by the fact that ย I am).Haha, I am Hippocraticย at times.Ought to give every sort of explanation.



21 thoughts on “A pair of socks

  1. Childhood and even adult friends through the decades are all gone now. Not a matter of an ugly parting of ways but people seemed to just evaporate away. I don’t know why or how. People come into our lives and go out of our lives and I don’t know why or how. Thanks for your recent visit to my blog.

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