Hey there 2017,welcome :)

Hello hello all, first things first, Wishing all my WordPress family a very ”happy new year 2017”. May you all have a kickass, fun filled and lovely year ahead nurtured with loads of love, travel, adventures and new possibilities.

2016 for me hasn’t been the best of years.But yes it made me tough mentally.Here are the lessons I learned and look forward carrying with me this year and for the rest of my life. 🙂

The blogging life:

I followed my passion. I started blogging and right now my mind is filled with so much contentment when I jot this sentence ( probably my favourite sentence in the entire post ).I followed my heart and entered into the world of blogging anonymously. .I have a name and identity but I feel so thankful to be a part of this life,t he blogging life.Nobody knows me, except the fact that I and a 20 something Indian girl. Amidst the chaos of judging people on the basis of their looks, clothes, profession, shoes, write, and so many innumerable things, but a writer is above all such pity small things in life.It teaches you a lot. Blogging taught me that anyone can write, write their heart out.No matter what it is.Let your words be your voice. This is my say on the subject. Pretty simple.This year I wish to buy a domain of my own name.How cool is that !! 🙂

Met two beautiful people here: Shehanne Moore and Sasha here and that has been the best part of my entire blogging journey so far.

If you don’t love what you do, then please don’t do it, that is the mantra

Since 1994 to 2016  and counting, I have always managed to maintain poise and composure in my life somehow. I  solely credit my parents, sibling and a few friends for it. And I hope it will remain sorted forever, simply stress-free.There were so many times when I had to face hardships, but I have learnt to cope up with then hence regaining my equilibrium.I learnt that it is so very important to take risks in life and move ahead with them.Sometimes there are decisions you take that turn out to be the incorrect ones but only you have the power and aura to correct them and hence never lose your poise and calm.This has always helped me to sail through the darkest times.Okay, my life is not one hell of a sham, I don’t  have many friends, I don’t get to party every weekend or travel every month. but I have my own charms, I love sweets and I eat them on regular basis. I love to shop and at times when I have no place to go, I end up wearing all my new clothes and crocs at home, but I love it, and I am happy with it all.I never miss my chocolates and often eat out.I am a foodie and I love trying and tasting new cuisines every now and then.

I learned to paint my eyes with an eyeliner, of course, 😀

Enough of ML’S(MORAL LECTURES) now.Let me tell you something funny. I know it’s silly but coming it from someone like me who is not at into makeup and stuff is a big thing. My sis gifted me a lipstick and liner last year and voila, finally, I know how it’s done.Boys, you won’t get it but girls are surely going to relate with this 😀

It’s good to cry sometimes/it’s cool to cry sometimes 

A friend of mine once told me that I cry over small issues and isn’t strong enough.These were the exact words.I literally felt heartbroken because coming this from someone who is very close to me can be a big deal.At that moment I didn’t say a word, rather I laughed. I know I cry sometimes but that’s what normal human do.This doesn’t make me a weak human. I cry and let go of that particular emotion that bothers me and this is immediately followed by a fresh start.Rather sobbing and lamenting all day, it’s better to sit alone and cry for a few minutes and emerge out like a lioness.All set for the challenge with a stronger vibe and faith.

Life is all about how you take it and Luck is what you make it.

Showers of Love 



TV Series I watched in 2016

I wanted to write this post for a long time and finally, as I sit lazily on my couch with my laptop on my lap doing something I love the most, writing down all sorts of crap on earth. But what I am about to write is totally worth it. Not only me but most of you out there will surely relate to me on this.

Before I write let me tell you beforehand and I was never into any English TV series in college. The only one I followed was Arrow. Somehow living in a girls hostel I was always surrounded by the sounds of all sorts of TV shows played on laptops. While GOT music could be heard from the room next to me clearly some song from FRIENDS could be heard from the other. Basically, noises of all sorts of different shows could be heard. Amidst this, I could never push myself to even try to watch these shows. I clearly remember I once tried watching “How I met your mother” and I got bored haha. So then I never tried until I started working.

So here is my list of most favourite and so on along with a small story behind the show


This one no matter what, will always remain my favourite and I absolutely love Barry Allen. Nobody suggested me to follow this series. Rather, once I was just browsing IMDB looking for upcoming episodes of the Arrow when I saw this at the bottom left corner along with a few other shows. How instantly it caught my attention. Since then to now nothing has changed. My love for the show remains intact. Currently, the season in running in its the third season and I am so looking forward to the upcoming episodes.                flash

2.Game of Thrones

No surprises in this one. More than 50 people have suggested me the show, few of them even forced me into watching the show. My sister literally used to nag every second-day about the same, but to no avail. The show had completed five seasons already when one day after work my roommate and I were discussing Big boss when all of a sudden she started discussing GOT to which I had a blank reply: D. Without a delay, I told her I haven’t seen the show and she was awestruck. I felt like a petty criminal at that point.

It was then that I took her advice and started following the show and covered the five seasons within a week. It was so addictive and next year I’m looking forward to buying a complete box set of the same. Daenerys Targaryen is my favourite character followed by Arya Stark.  


I solely followed this show right from day one because of Priyanka Chopra and loved the first season totally. Though the series is a bit over exaggerated, but somehow the twists and turns always catch my attention and I never miss an episode. The show completely runs in its second season.                                  quantico

4.Legends of tomorrow

Since I love flash and arrow and almost every superhero this definitely had to catch my attention. Time travels, superpowers, spaceships, future had always fascinated me so without a doubt I love this series too. It is a spun off from Arrow and a bit of flash so one need to watch the arrow (specifically) for a better understanding of the characters and the show on the whole.               the-legends-of-tomorrow

5.Justice League

I have finished all the 5 seasons of Justice League somehow this year. Since it was an animated series I had grown up watching in Hindi, I somehow wished to watch it all over again in Hindi but somehow got all the episodes in Hindi. Even though the episodes aren’t relatable I suffer from STICK TO THE SEQUENCE SYNDROME (while watching a show only ) so I followed it episode wise sequentially.Watched it while travelling locally waiting around and loves every bit of it.

Also with the coming year, I am looking forward to watching Stranger things, supergirl, Homeland and The SIMPSONS.

Image credit -http://giphy.com/search/gify

Have a great year ahead.



100% hand made card 

Yesterday I was going through all the gifts and cards that I have received this year.No, could.I  don’t get fancy presents on regular basis.I could.Well, who doesn’t Haha!! But yes since this year is about to end I wanted to take a sneak peek into the past and have a look at them.

One such gift (card to be precise)caught my attention was this beautiful card gifted to me on my bday this year by my didi many many months back.

Here in India usually we don’t refer our elder siblings/cousins/neighbours with their first names.This is taught in almost all the Indian households since a child is born literally.Many little siblings do not care to listen hence address one another with their first names or all sorts of stupid names on earth and then there are siblings like me who follow their parent’s guidelines thoroughly and address them with didi/ bhaiya/Dada or whatever it is in their native language.

Moral of the story is ,I call my elder sister didi .I have taken her name at times but then this is how I usually prefer adressing her .Afterall years of training by my parents is not going to go in vain .

She made a beautiful card for me on my birthday this year.I love and I guess most of you love handmade stuff and things.I was totally mesmerised by this greeting at the first place and started jumping with joy.

Also, I was apparently very curious to know on how on earth did she manage to make this card in such a less time.I mean she usually reaches home after 8-9 pm daily but still managed to find time to make this for me and weekends aren’t an option as we are usually together on weekends.

100% handmade

Guys, please pardon my photography skills.I am not at all into photography and stuff though I am looking forward to learning it soon.

For that, I have to buy a DSLR which clearly implies I need to save money which is a distant dream as of now.So obviously by writing this post I am clearly intending to convince the heck out of my sister to lend me some money in the form of a loan (which I am never going to repay literally ) for the camera.

Once I tried to talk to her about the same while we were sitting at home one lazy weekend and out of nowhere, we started talking about cameras and photography.Using all sorts of sugar coated words and a smile I asked her to lend me some money for a camera to which her reaction was something that I somehow never tried to talk about it.Hahaha .She acted completely broke and into debt as if she and her roommates haven’t paid their house rent since ages and it is me who needs to loan her money for bread.And eventually, I ended up asking her if she is okay and fine?

The truth is these elder siblings are a way to cunning and smart than us(more on the torture story later on).

Full view of the card minus the background

But whatever it is, mind.I know she is the most protective and chilling elder sibling I could have prayed to god.We all have this idealistic image of an elder sibling in our subconscious mind.Many years back when I was a kid, I used to imagine what would it feel like 10-15 years from now.How my sister will turn out to be.Will she be cool enough or rather a possessive bossy one? Luckily she exactly turned out to be exactly like I had imagined all those years back.

Google baba is where she gets all these fancy ideas from

PS I love u !!.Siblings are the best gifts our parents can give us indeed.



Let’s know each other #3

She is an Angel !! A beautiful blogger with a heart of gold..Thankyou Sash .Wish u a very merry christmas and a great new year ahead

Sasha's Writings

Hello people! This is the last month of this year and i have met wonderful people through this blogging journey!So i thought of introducing the amazing people to each other!Wondering how?Here you go everyday from today I’ll mention some 5 or 6amazing blogswhom i follow and i will post the links like this till the end of this monthi.e 31/12/2016!you can click on each other’s link and introduce yourself to others.By the end of the month when i finish this, we all get to know each other and we will have many friends here.Let us welcome this new year with great fun!

One can mention in the comments if you like some of the blogs in this list and also you can even reblog this to spread the word!!If you like some of the blogs which are not in this list,its okay ,no problem just leave…

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A pair of socks

Hello Hello

I have been off lately due to my hectic schedule and lots of commitments but then this is something I couldn’t resist writing about.

Confused between what to wear in the first place.So I guess this is better 

Okay so as it happened I got a chance to meet one of my very old buddy(obviously very near and dear to me )today.We went to a nearby coffee shop (obviously to have coffee ).
I get awestruck & amused whenever I see people ordering masala tea/ green tea/lemon tea in coffee outlets ..Haha.All I can do is giggle about it.It’s their choice.But the whole concept amuses me.😂

I am not a coffee addict, to be honest during winters as I have got this obsession for cold coffee with ice-cream over hot coffee.And people like me who catch a cold easily have to avoid the former one and adapt the latter.

So a bit of caffeine once in a fortnight is fine with me.Winters here in mountains are very chilly.So people like me have to think twice before gulping some ice cubes and ice cream.

I prefer tea over hot coffee but of course not in some coffee shop.The whole idea seems so lame to me.

So  I ordered my usual cappuccino and buddy ordered his favourite choco frappé.Meanwhile, we were giggling and fighting over our usual lame stuff that happened all these months.After all, we met after 3-4 months.Of course, I was busy cracking  “bad PJs” and he was busy making my fun as ever.

While we were busy drinking our coffees adamant to share them with one another his Einstein brain (pun intended) recalled that he got something for me.

GIFT omg I had a sparkle in my eyes.I love getting gifts.I mean who doesn’t.

So there was my gift .Of course not wrapped ,but then packed in a plastic wrap with vibrant colors .And as he handed it to me I somehow couldn’t resist smiling .He handed me a pair of socks and said ,”This will be a major help to sail through winters,I know you catch cold easily”.

I could resist smiling and literally felt speechless at that moment. This was the cutest gesture by him and the nest gift ever this Christmas.Glad he know how much I hate winters and got me something keeping it in mind.

Yes, I’m not a winter person and the whole concept of thandii(cold) brings a chill down my spine.

There is something about childhood friends I guess that nothing can erase.Even if we might not get  chance of talking to them daily for  hours ,things are just the same and crazy whenever you meet them.

Let me know about your childhood friends.I would love to hear your stories ..Mark my words when I say I would love to hear since not only I am a good talker, I am an excellent listener (or at least I am delusional by the fact that  I am).Haha, I am Hippocratic at times.Ought to give every sort of explanation.