Paint it black didi !! 

 I was just asking my cousin studying in 4th standard the other day whether she knows about this 500 and 1000 currency notes ban to which I received the most hilarious reply .The conversation follows :

Me:Himoy do you know about this note ban thing sweetheart? 

 Himoy: Haan (yes) didi ,PM Modi  has banned all the old 500 and 1000 rupee currency notes which can be exchanged with new notes .Papa went to the bank few days back and got new notes in return of the old ones ..:D Isse didi  kala dhan khatam ho jaega.

Me:Wow Himoy ,good ya ,but do you know what is kala dhan ?

Himoy:Rolling her eyes and smiling .Yes I do.Black money .

Me :Okay , what is this black money then?

Himoy:With an innocent face didi when we paint the notes with black color then it becomes black money.

Me :Smiling in amusement.Acha to wo chalega kaise note.How will it work? 😂

Himoy:Bank mai Jake chal jaega.

I couldn’t resist laughing in front of her.Eventually making her conscious of what she said.

Himoy:Didi chal jaega ,class mai bacche baat kr rhe the.When we color a note with  black paint,it is called black money..

PS:She is just too small to understand this stuff in detail. I hugged her and said, I love u Himoy.

Funny but true.Not only my cousin but most of the kids think the same about black money.Let this innocence never die ..😘😘💜

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