Dear Miss 2000,welcome to the world(read India)


Meet miss 2000

Dearest Miss 2000

Welcome to India to be precise. I hope you survive endless years from 13-Nov-2016 till infinity.Your old counterparts namely Mr 1000 and Mr 500 are no more alive.😐:'(

They are living in peace somewhere in heaven,resting in banks,garbage bins even getting burnt at some places where they are in abundance proving that Everything in excess is harmful But looking at their plight please don’t lose heart.Stop being maudlin in advance.πŸ˜‚

You are not alone.Your are left to befriend are Miss 5,10,20,50,100 .I know they are like kids compared to you but technically they are and will be your seniors and way more in demand these days since our beloved PM took up measures to curb corruption and black money from the country and you were sleeping in ICUs (read Currency chests ).

Before you enter this selfish world and we start spoiling you ,I want you to know a few things.Β 

  • You are helpless ,yes you are :'(😐people will misuse you and even might spoil your beauty.They might jot down their paramour’s name on you seeking inspiration from movies like serendipity and it’s funny Indian counterpart movie like Milenge Milenge ,destiny destiny crap.If this happens ,don’t lose heart.. I know you cannot apply contour or a BB cream to remove blemishes like these on your face.Take whatever comes in your way with ease.πŸ˜‚
  • You will always have a special place in the wallet of a common man and lockers of the rich.They will treat you with same Β worth and respect as Mr 1000 or even more with time .
  • I know you are selfless ,mean no harm but still people might use you to buy weapons and carry out anti social and mass destructive activities.If this happens cry your heart out but never give up. We have intellectuals who will take care of you and prevent your misuse.
  • There will be good times too.Girls will carry you with them on their shopping spree and bless you when you will be with them in abundance.
  • Guys might exchange you with an expensive bottle of wine on weekends.Imagine the love you might receive from them too.
  • Remember the common man will love you and respect you fully,moms might cry their heart out while giving you away to grocers .Don’t get attached to this mum business I advice you ,mums are really tricky.

Enough said as of now.. I end up here :)☺


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