My psychometric test says I am an Idealist ! Oh wait am I ? 

Hello Hello !! Okay I’ll try to keep this post short ,simple and crisp .

Few months back I took up an online entrance test which had a mandatory 15 minute psychometric sectional test in the end .It was the easiest to attempt as any prior preparation was required .I just had to be me . 

I came out of the classroom immediately after finishing my test ,took out my phone and booked an OLA(cab) to return back home.

On the way back  I was munching my biscuit and called up my mom.Realizing that the cab is entering in a petrol pump ,I hanged up my phone and started peeping out of the window .

Got my results after a few days ,I did pretty good in all the sections but my psychometric test result fascinated me the most.In short my personality type said   I am highly idealistic ,an introvert and can do good in all sorts of domain in my career.

But the result made me question myself literally.I know I am an introvert ,multitask sometimes ,we all can if the situation demands so .But I don’t really think myself to be an idealist for that matter ..Here is why-

  • No I am not an idealist ,atleast this is what I think. I forget to brush my teeth’s at night so many times. I never ever sleep early no matter at what time I have to get up next morning.
  •  I do order a burger and a cold coffee at 2 am in the morning .God bless all the night cafes !!I forget to exercise so many times .I don’t like to comb my hair on weekends .I don’t cook my own food ,I never really did .
  • I love window shopping contemplating and wishing to be the daughter of an owner of Zara ,Mango or even yepme will work if I am not charged a penny.😂
  • I dream of becoming a millionaire one day without working hard .Get a lottery or something.😁
  • I giggle sarcastically on people I find amusing 😂,I don’t like to talk to anybody and everybody. I am very introvert (yes yes I am ,more to it later on),I am stubborn and selfish at times .Sarcasm flows in my genes. My dad is the wittiest person I have seen in my entire family. Glad I got 1% of his wittiness.  😁But I literally sound blunt in front of him. ,well that’s not the point right now ,focus minion focus 😥

 And still wonder what makes me an Idealist..

Okay wait let me think ?? Rolling my eyes .Let me think some Good words and vibes only

  • Oh yes I do make my bed ,fold my blanket everytime when I wake up( morning /evening )
  • I meditate quiet often ,but then I try to .
  • I smile for no reason at times ,giggle like a 10yr old .And love to love people around me ,send them gifts , make some DIYs  for them .
  • I dance as much as I like carefree,pretending like nobody’s  watching .
  • I complete all the work in time or at least try to ,putting up well with people around me without getting mad at people.Yes I never really had any fight with anyone since I was a kid .Neglect my sister ,parents ,two of my cousins and a couple of  friends.It will be a bit of  braggadocio if I refuse to mention the above names :mrgreen:😂😂I wasn’t angelic and I have fought my ass off and still do with these people .☺😁😁  I never really had a heated argument  with anybody except these very few people around me.
  • I wait at the red signal and leave only when it turns green even if the road is empty and there is no traffic police around.
  • I am only sarcastic and stubborn to people who are important to me  .For the rest I never really cared .Oh well who are you .!I don’t know you ,so no sarcasm..😂

Don’t know whether I am an idealistic introvert as my test says so or not..Bit whatever it may be I know I am happy and content  and love the way I  am.😁😁😁😁💜💜



What’s your personality type folks .Comments are welcomed




Why cage ourselves

11 thoughts on “My psychometric test says I am an Idealist ! Oh wait am I ? 

    • this is so encouraging n sweet.. thanks a ton buddy😊😊💜 The sole purpose of writing this was to express my feeling about the fact we I don’t want to chain myself in an 1 personality type even if my test results says so.. I want to act free n flowing .This is what the youth should ideally be . 🎊

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  1. Haha. Don’t trust the tests entirely. It also depends an how one is raised. These tests do tell about your personality to a level though. All i know from this post that you are a wonderful person. 🙂

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