100 followers Yayy !!!!

Hello Hello ..

I got this notification in the morning which said that I have 100 followers.. :):):D:D

Somehow we always find time for things we love ,be it anything ,no matter how busy we may be.And we are always out of time for things we don’t .Ironic but true:D..This past 1 month has taught me how easy it is to chase our dreams and do what we love .:D

                             My phone’s battery is never more than 40% 

It literally made my day.My blogging journey started very randomly 🙂 out of boredome sitting in a computer shop.I am not the kind of person who gets bored easily also I loving sitting alone at times.But I am Glad I got bored that day  or else I wouldn’t have been writing this with a big big smile on my face.
I thank you all for appreciating me and loving me for who I am .Accepting my anonymous identity and applauding my work..A big thank you.

I wish I could devote more time here but somehow cannot due to my jam packed schedule though amidst all the hustle n bustle I somehow manage time to read my fellow bloggers.It’s so easy to do what we love the most.
Also let’s catch up on twitter .Drop down your twitter usernames here in the comment section so I can follow you or take mine  – @MinionHead

Much love 


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