Let their sacrifices not die in vain .

Enough brave countrymen at the borders have sacrificed their lives in the last so many years, fighting for us.Protecting our borders.So many sleepless nights, wishing and remembering your family and friends.I know it takes a lot.Being a mango person all I can do is pray and feel proud of you, with my nose held high.Talking about the recent attacks at Uri & Pathankot, today the answer is right in front of us.Probably the best decision was collectively taken by our elite Indian Army, PM Modi and other experts.It is high time for terrorists to learn their lessons.

I am a commoner who speaks up when the pain is too much to bear,patience is in  Indian blood right from birth I guess .When I was a kid ,my maa taught me everything,from basics on how to Behave,talk ,walk and present myself in public,to teaching me to be a good human being first .I stumbled so many times ,made mistakes,but she never lost her temper.Never lost her composure while Bearing all my tantrums with a smile. She is the one who who corrected me.

There were times when I was often dosed with scoldings and at extreme conditions a slap of two were rewarded often.Eventually, this is how I learnt my mistakes and grew up to be a better human. Even after my 22 years of existence ,I make mistakes and my mom corrects me more often.This is every mother in the world of mothers I believe ,to be tolerant to their kids.This is what my country did,just like zillions of moms in the world.Tolerate the wrongs and tantrums of her spoiled brat.

But as we know  Mommy will always remain mommy.

Look Dear Pak,

Mommy has always been way too patient with you all these years but now You need to learn your lessons and learn some manners .It’s high time for mommy to slap you.Since mommy is literate,mommy will use technical terms and flaunt a bit.Mommy calls it the “Surgical Strike“.Let me teach you some manners son.With no prior permission this time .I have to.!! :)You have long abided to inhumane methods and let terrorism flourish, but now your mistakes should be rectified.

Remember mommy loved you unconditionally once ,you were his part but now that, you have killed enough of her innocent and braves, she simply wants you to learn few lessons.:)

I am overwhelmed with the stand India has taken today.This is a direct call to everyone out their supporting terrorism for the fight is not against any country.We Indians are too tolerant, now the fight is against Terrorism.

Writing this post is my way of acknowledging our Army. 

We love you.And we are always there to support you.I and people around me pray for your victory and well-being.I know it takes a lot of sacrifice and patience.But remember when you are down there, facing the enemy, remember that no matter what happens your family, your fellow countrymen love you from the deepest of their hearts.

Rise and shine.Let terrorism be condemned.

Let justice prevails to those who sacrificed.

With loads of respect and pride



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