An open letter to Deepika Padukone

Dearest Deepika

I am a girl in my early twenties .I had been wanting to write you  for quiet a long time,but somehow couldn’t manage to write .I hope you spare a few minutes amidst your busy schedule and read this .I’ll be more than happy.I am not an aspiring model or actress..I am an engineer by profession,just a simple ordinary girl with very high aspirations.

Recently I was surfing YouTube while I came across your interview about how you went into depression and fought it bravely.With that I got to know about your website ,Such simplistic yet letting people know about the same .Spreading awareness .I neither am not have ever been into depression or anything as such but then the kind efforts from your end are commendable.

I am not a Bollywood fanatic ,but there hasn’t been any movie of you I have missed out watching (except a few which i guess  you won’t prefer watching them in your real life either ).

I was in 8th standard when your debut movie OM shanti OM was released.My parents took me along to watch the movie which was a very random plan.Back then we didn’t really had a pvr or the fancy ones  in my town,just a simple one that we used to call Picture Hall.

Though we were in ths balcony seats ,I  still remember the whistles on your entry .You had been my favorite actress since then Wish I could wistle too but then I was with  maa n papa and of course I don’t know how to whistle. Your were a diva back then ,and you a diva now.

Since  then and now you have come a long way.Impressing people more and more with your work.

Whole  nation now awaits for your Hollywood release next year,for we know you will  nail it too .There are millions like me who seek inspiration from you.Girls who want to become actress and ones who don’t .I believe it is not necessary to follow your steps, or choose the profession you did, it is not absolutely necessary .But one can sureshot draw lessons on ‘how be  the best in whatever you do’ from you.

Deepika,You are at the pinnacle of your career.There is no looking back now ,these are things I have learnt from you.Make mistakes, learn from them and move forward.

You are not only an inspiration to the youth,but also constantly reminds everyone about what an ordinary girl can do .Despite coming from badminton background ,I know choosing a completely different profession would definitely have been difficult for you,but you followed your heart.I and millions of girls like me draw inspiration from you.Despite the controversies and amidst all the trolling you faced for your love affairs ,you have come a long way .Shutting  mouths of all your critics ever time a finger was pointed at you .You are ingenious in what you are doing.Just keep shining and keep spreading smiles.It is easier to criticize someone ,and rather difficult to put up words of appreciation about anyone.I am not really a cynic,so I have nothing to complaint.Hence I sum up here.

PS:Plz don’t consider me as another fanatic fan of yours ,just like the “Jabra fan” (you know what I mean:D).I am totally sane :);)

Loads of love


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