My first post

What probably should your first post be about??

MinionHead but I hardly resemble this one

I had been thinking since a long time stepping into the world of blogging, but never literally had something to write about.Most of the people I find usually end up writing about being happy, spreading happiness, being positive or being a wanderlust.To be more precise, they tend to write down philosophy directly or indirectly.

But I literally have a blank mind while 

1)Making my WordPress site, and so is the case right now as I jot down my first post, sitting ideally in a computer shop, and getting my laptop formatted.Yes I use an android app of WordPress(was way too lazy accessing it with my lap)

2)What should I write about? 

Isn’t technology a great thing guys? Yes yes for a lazy bee like me it is a boon, who depend on their phone even for little things.Be it remainders, video calls, free calls, games, puzzles, news, educational apps(the one that tends to teach you a new language, makes your grammar better or help you learn to code)Even WordPress.Ohh I love my android.Probably after my family though..Tech slaves we all are or are becoming

A typical girl born in 90’s says her heart out here. 

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